Children’s composer Xavier Lopez, known as Chabello, dies at 88…

Xavier Lopez also known as Chabelo has passed away at the age of 88. Lopez was a beloved Mexican television personality who hosted the children’s show En Familia con Chabelo for over 40 years.

His death is certainly a loss to the Mexican entertainment industry and his contributions to Mexican popular culture will be remembered by many. En Familia con Chabelo was a popular weekly television program that aired on Sundays in Mexico for 48 years from 1967 to 2015.

The show was hosted by Xavier Lopez in his Chabelo persona and featured games, music, and special guests, with a focus on entertaining and educating children The show became an institution in Mexico and made Chabelo a beloved figure among generations of viewers.

Xavier Lopez also known as Chabello, was known for his signature look of dressing in children’s clothes and acting like a child, which became a hallmark of his comedy and television career.

This style of humor known as comedia de ninos or children’s comedy, became popular in Mexico and was imitated by many other comedians and actors. Lopez is said to have had an interesting life as a beloved Mexican television personality who made significant contributions to Mexican popular culture.

Lopez was born in Chicago to Mexican parents and later returned to Mexico with his family. He initially trained as a doctor but eventually found his calling in acting.