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India comes under one of those countries which are managing the Covid-19 vaccination to its citizens. The second phase of Covid-19 vaccinations has been started from 1st March 2021. All the interested citizens can register through the CoWIN 2.0 portal for vaccination appointments. People will able to access the portal only from 9 am.

Covid Vaccination Certificate Download

The government has combined the CoWIN portal with the Aaroygya Setu to easily download the Covid vaccination certificates/Covid certificate without any physical struggles. In this article, we will share the process of Covid Certificate download in India Using the Aarogya Setu app and the DigiLocker app.

COVID-19 Vaccination India Phase 3 Registration on

The registrations for all people above the age of 18 years are set to begin on April 28 to set the ball rolling. The government categorically mentions, “Only self-registration and advance appointments for people between 18 and 45 years of age. No walks in allowed.”

All the peoples who have taken the 1st dose of the covid-19 vaccine can check the details of the second dose on the CoWIN 2.0 dashboard. The second phase of Covid-19 vaccinations is available for people above 60 years and those age 45 years above and with comorbidities, a list of 20 comorbidities has been released by the government.

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How to Register for the covid vaccine in India on

The Indian citizens can register on the CoWIN portal (i.e and book an appointment for vaccination. The eligible people ( age 45 years and above) need to provide a medical certificate from the doctor, which is to make sure that whether has any comorbidities or not.

The vaccination appointment will close at 3 pm every day. However, citizens can book another appointment for another date and time using the portal.

CoWin Vaccine Registration – Covid-19 vaccination Apply Online

Note-  the appointment for the second dose of vaccination will only be booked at the same Covid vaccination center where you get your 1st dose. The date for the 2nd dose will be after 4-6 weeks from the date 1st dose. If any user cancels the first dose appointment then their 2nd appointment will be canceled automatically, because these two doses, work concurrently that’s mean after taking the first dose you need to book the appointment for the second dose immediately.
COVID-19 Vaccination Centre List Details In Hindi

How to download the COVID vaccination certificate / Cowin Certificate Download 

Firstly you need a reference number for Covid Certificate Download.

  • Go to the Cowin 2.0 website i.e
  • On the homepage, you need to click on the register yourself option.
  • Enter your 10 digits mobile number and request for OTP.
  • verify your mobile number by submitting the OTP now an application form for covid vaccination will open.
  • Fill this registration form, visit the vaccination center on the scheduled date, and time and get your vaccination done.
  • You will be provided with a reference ID by using this reference ID you can download your covid vaccination certificate.

Now you have a reference ID here are various ways to download Covid Certificate

CoWIN Certificate Download Using Aarogya Setu App

You must full fill these requirements for the process of Covid Certificate Download

  • The latest version of the Aarogya Setu App
  • vaccination Reference ID
  • Mobile Number ( used while Registration on CoWIN Portal)
  • Firstly open the latest version of the Aarogya Setu App.
  • After opening the app you need to click on the CoWIN option as shown below-
  • Now you will see a various option as followed –Vaccination Information
    • Vaccination(login/register)
    • Vaccination Certificate
    • Vaccination Dashboard
  • Now you need to click on the Vaccination Certificate Option.
  • Finally, a new tab will open where you need to enter the Beneficiary ID then click on the Get Certificate option, as shown below.
  • By following these option you can download the Covid Vaccination Certificate

Covid certificate Download Using DigiLocker App

  1. Firstly open the latest version of the DigiLocker App.
  2. After opening the app you need to click on the Central Government (View All) as shown below-
  3. On this new tab, you need to search for the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
  4. Now Select on the Covid Vaccine Certificate, a new tab will open as shown below.
  5. Finally, a new tab will open where you need to enter the Beneficiary ID then click on the Get Document option, as shown below.
  6. By following these steps you can complete the process of the CoWIN certificate download.

Prices for the Covid-19 vaccination

In all the government hospitals vaccines are free of cost. But in private facilities, the charges for the vaccines will be Rs.250 per person per dose. This amount is divided into two sections ( RS.150/- the cost of the vaccine and Rs.100/- hospital charges).

List of Comorbidities mentioned by the health ministry for the age 45 and above

  1. Heart failure (in last one year)
  2. Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)/ Post cardiac transplant
  3. Significant Left ventricular systolic dysfunction (LVEF < 40%)
  4. Severe or Moderate Valvular Heart Disease
  5. Congenital heart disease with severe Idiopathic PAH  or PAH
  6. Coronary Artery Disease with past PTCA/ CABG/ MI and  Diabetes/Hypertension on treatment
  7. Angina and Diabetes/Hypertension on treatment
  8. MRI/CT documented stroke and Diabetes/Hypertension on treatment
  9. Pulmonary artery and Diabetes/Hypertension on treatment
  10. Diabetes (>10 years or with complication) and Diabetes/Hypertension on treatment
  11. Liver /Kidney / Hematopoietic stem cell transplant: Recipient/On wait-list
  12. End-stage Kidney Disease on hemodialysis/ CAPD
  13. Current prolonged use of immunosuppressant medications/oral corticosteroids
  14. Decompensated cirrhosis
  15. Severe respiratory disease ( In last 2 years)/ FEVI <50%
  16. Leukemia/Lymphoma/ Myeloma
  17. Diagnosis of any solid cancer on or after July 1, 2020(currently on any cancer therapy)
  18. Aplastic Anemia /Sickle Cell Disease/ Thalassemia Major/ Bone marrow failure/
  19. HIV infection /Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases
  20. Persons with disabilities due to Intellectual disabilities/ Acid attack with the involvement of respiratory system/ Muscular Dystrophy/ Persons with disabilities having high support needs/ Multiple disabilities including deaf-blindness

Contact (helpline)

With the help of this article, we had provided you all the possible ways to download the Covid Vaccination Certificate, like the Cowin certificate download using Aarogya Setu App and Digilocker App. if you find any difficulty then you can contact CoWIN officials using the helpline details given below.

  • Helpline Number : +91-11-23978046
  • Toll-Free Number: 1075


Can I only get one vaccination dose?

No, each person needs to get two doses of the vaccine. The Person needs to get the second one on the 29th day after taking the first dose. If you cancel the first appointment, then your 2nd appointment will be canceled as well. You will get two certificates for every dose.

How else can I register for the Covid-19 vaccination?

For users who want to register via offline mode. They can register on-site they are allowed to the identified CVC to get the vaccination.

Which other sites can I get details about Covid-19 vaccination details?

Users can use the Cowin 2.0 portal, Union Ministry of Health, and National Health Authority.

Covid-19 vaccination price in India?

Rs.250 per person per dose. (RS. 150/- vaccine cost and Rs.100/- hospital charges)

What are the possible ways for Covid Certificate Download?

the process of CoWIN certificate download is quite easy you can use the Aarogya Setu app and Digilocker App.

Suggestion and Question From Our Visitors

From Mr. Walter Vincent Dsouza

Today my wife & self took the 1st dose of Covid Vaccination at the Government Hospital, Moodbidri.
Very much impressed with the standard of service given by all the health officials there.
Excellent organization and very clean surroundings, even much better than private hospitals.
Congratulations and thank you very much for the splendid service.

I, Dinesh Kumar Srivastava got vaccinated for COVID-19 at LT-B2, at ABVMU-UP, Lucknow on March 09, 2021. Phone No. 8127856898, and Aadhaar No. is 613089403921. My Card Sl. No. issued to me for the COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card is 173773, dated March 09, 2021.

My spouse, Mrs. Poonam Srivastava also got vaccinated on the same day. Her Card No. for the COVISHIELD vaccination issued for the COVID-19 Vaccination Record is 167393, dated March 09, 2021. (Batch No. 4120Z031, as per the COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate issued).

But. For me, the Account details show that my DOZE 1: Not Scheduled.

I am writing this mail to you, as I did not receive my COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate.

Earlier, I tried to contact the VC ABVM University for my COVISHIELD Vaccination Certificate, on March 09, 2021. His reply is given below, with an e-mailed copy to your Office, stating that I should contact the CMO of your Institute.

“Vice Chancellor ABVM University 11 March 2021 at 16:38
To: Poonam Srivastava
Cc: “Director, RMLIMS Lucknow”

Dear sir,
Please contact the CMO, Lucknow for this purpose. Thanks”
As I have not received my COVID-19 (COVISHIELD) Vaccination Certificate, I am writing this mail to you as suggested by the VC ABVM University, to help me so that the COVISHIELD Vaccination Certificate is issued to me before the second doze is to be scheduled on April 06, 2021 is due, as per the Card issued to us on March 09, 2021.

Kindly help me. And request your office to kindly send (E-mail) the COVISHIELD Certificate to me, so that I get vaccinated for the Second Doze of COVISHIELD on the April 06, 2021.

With regards,
Thanking you,
(Dinesh Kumar Srivastava)


I and my wife is very thankful to Government of India. for vaccination program
we take both the doses of COVISHIELD vaccine. and it is safe for us from CORONA.


Today my wife & self took the 1st dose of Covishield Vaccine at the Government Hospital, Sahakarnagar UPHC 1, very much impressed with the standard of service given by all the health Officials there. Congratulation and thank you very much for the splendid service.


Primary Health Centre Koddakal (TN Nadu) are doing great work My wife &i got the second jab yesterday. Plenty of youngsters taking care of the community
Wish them well.