‘Devastating’ tornado in Mississippi, Alabama, storm kills so many people, winds blow so hard…

A recent tornado outbreak caused widespread damage in Mississippi with at least 25 deaths in the event, with a long-track tornado responsible for most of the destruction. The tornado was more than 90 miles on the ground and had sustained winds of 190 mph.

At least one person died in Alabama as a result of the storm A man in Alabama was rescued by first responders but later died of multiple injuries, officials said.

According to Mississippi’s Emergency Management Agency search and rescue operations are underway in Sharkey and Humphreys counties and the agency has issued a series of tornado warnings for counties across the state.

It is devastating to hear that the tornado outbreak across Mississippi and Alabama has resulted in so many fatalities. According to state officials, the fatalities were reported in Sharkey, Humphreys, Carroll, and Monroe counties. Thirteen people died in Sharkey County alone, according to the coroner.

Additionally, one person died in Silver City, in Humphreys County. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency has initiated search and rescue operations in Sharkey and Humphreys counties, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has sent a team to assist the state.

The Department of Homeland Security is also offering assistance to impacted communities in Mississippi. According to the information received, the storm was reported at around 8:50 pm as thunderstorms hit the state late on Friday night.Tornadoes with this intensity had sustained winds of 166 to 200 mph.