John Harbaugh hits back at Lamar Jackson trade tweets….

Lamar Jackson recently stated that he requested a trade from the Ravens, which was made on March 2. Lamar Jackson went on to say that as of March 2nd I had requested a trade from the Ravens organization in regards to my future plans for which the Ravens were not interested in meeting my price.

adding that everyone around me knows that I am in the game of football is interested. He emphasizes his love for the game of football and his desire to help a team win the Super Bowl, while also acknowledging that he had to make a difficult business decision for himself and his family.

Despite the potential for a change in scenery, he appears to express a continued connection to the Ravens and their fans. Head coach John Harbaugh, who sat down with reporters at the NFL Owners Meetings in Phoenix,

reportedly broke the news to Jackson on Twitter, but Harbaugh, who had not seen the tweets, answered about two dozen questions on the topic. Jackson and the Ravens have been in contract negotiations for more than two years now,

with Jackson’s tweets indicating that it was financial disagreements that led to Harbaugh indicating that he still hopes a deal can be done. The two sides still have until July 17 to reach a multi-year contract before Jackson is locked into the $32.4 million non-exclusive franchise tag.

Harbaugh’s comments suggest that the Ravens still have interest in keeping Jackson on the team and are willing to work out a deal that is beneficial for both parties.

However, negotiations over money can often be complicated, so it remains to be seen how quickly a resolution can be reached. According to Harbaugh, the Ravens are planning to move forward with Lamar Jackson as their starting quarterback, despite his trade request.

Harbaugh acknowledged that the two sides have a financial disagreement, but expressed confidence that they will be able to reach a resolution. He also indicated that the team is preparing for Jackson to be their quarterback for the upcoming season.

When asked if he expects Jackson to be the starter for Week 1, Harbaugh replied, I do. Coach Harbaugh is still hopeful that a deal can be reached with Lamar Jackson, and that the Ravens are preparing as if he will be their quarterback moving forward.

He also stated that he thinks about Jackson as their quarterback all the time and that they are building their offense around him. However, the situation is still ongoing, and it remains to be seen what will happen in the coming months.