Keanu Reeves speaks 380 words in “Stripped” ‘John Wick’ chapter 4 in about three hours…

It’s not unusual for Keanu Reeves’ character John Wick to be a man of few words, as his actions often speak louder than his words. In the previous John Wick films, Reeves’ character was known for his stoic and silent demeanor, letting his guns and hand-to-hand combat skills do the talking.

So it’s not surprising that in John Wick: Chapter 4, Reeves doesn’t have many lines. The emphasis is on the action and the stunning visual effects, which have been a hallmark of the franchise. That’s quite surprising considering the popularity of the character and how much he had to say in the previous movies.

However, it seems like the filmmakers have focused more on the action and visual elements of the film. Wick’s character is known for his action-packed fight scenes and gunplay, and fans of the franchise will likely still enjoy the film despite the lack of dialogue.

John Wick has become known for his stoic and reserved demeanor, often relying on actions rather than words to convey his thoughts and intentions. This minimal use of dialogue in the latest installment of the franchise could be seen as a deliberate creative choice to reinforce this aspect of his character.

According to Stahelski, Reeves intentionally reduced Wick’s dialogue by removing nearly half of what was initially written for his character in the script. This was a creative choice by Reeves to convey Wick’s character as more action-oriented and focused rather than talkative.

The director also added that Reeves is very involved in the creative process of the John Wick films and contributes to the development of his character.