Telekinesis 5e Full Information About This DnD 5th Edition Spell

Checkout This Amazing Information Which is Specially Compiled For You, it’s All About Telekinesis 5e Spell Which are My Favorite Spell Around The All Fantasy Spell.

Here We have Given Full Introduction about This Spell Which are My Most Favorite It’s Something Like it’s Range, Casting Time, Duration Etc.

Before we Go For The Another Detailed Information About This Spell just Check This Compiled Table Which Show You All Basic Details About This Spell.

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Attack or SaveStrength
Casting Time1 Action
ClassSorcerer & Wizard
ComponentsV, S(Two)
Damage or EffectBy Just Movement
DurationAtleast 10 Minit
GP Consumed100 GP
Level5th Level
Range60 Feet
Maximum Damage10d6
Minimum Damage1d6
Average Damage5d6

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Here is The Another Great Tips & Tricks About This Spell How It May Effect on Any Fantasy Character Check Below List To Understand Better This Type of All Parameter.

Now We have To Understand main Features & Advantages to Cast This Spell as mention below.

  • Once You Cast This Spell Your Intelligence Power is Increase and Wisdom or Charisma score by may also Increase With 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • You May cast it without V & S it Means verbal or somatic components.
  • you can also make hand invisible in the spectral mode.
  • if You Increase Level of This Spell Then it range May Increase With 30 feet, it has Amazing Power To Increase Range With it’s Level.
  • You may Attack on Your Enemy When it is Within a range, and it’s Almost Around 30 feet.

Final Words

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