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Now Before We Go For The Detailed Information About levitate just Check below Table Which Show You Some basic Information About This Spell.

Attack or Save CON Type Save
Average Damage5d6
Casting Time1 Action
ClassSorcerer & Wizard &  Artificer
ComponentsV, S, M (Three)
Damage or EffectBy Just Movement
DurationAtleast 10 Minit
GP Consumed100 GP
Level2nd Level
Maximum Damage10d6
Minimum Damage1d6
Range60 Feet

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  • With a small leather loop or a piece of golden Color wire Mix With a cup shape Now Just Shake With One Hand & Get Result.
  • You Can Target One creature or object or Enemy as you Wish Which you can see within range.
  • The spell may levitate a target and Win Against Target Which weighs up to 500 pounds
levitate tips

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