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Toll The Dead 5e Introduction

Toll The Dead 5e Introduction

Casting time 1 Action
ClassesCleric, Warlock, Wizard
Components V, S
High Damage1d12 necrotic damage
Low Damage1d8 necrotic damage
RacesElf (High Budget)
Range60 feet
Taken FromXGE, page 169

Also Check This Sub classes Details About This Toll The Dead 5e Spell.

  • Arcana Cleric
  • Arcane Trickster Rogue
  • Divine Soul Sorcerer
  • Eldritch Knight Fighter
  • Favored Soul v2 (UA) Sorcerer (legacy)
  • Favored Soul v3 (UA) Sorcerer (legacy)

Here is The Another Information About This DnD Whenever They Try To Attack on Another Argument Following Type of Attack Can be Adjust With Toll the Dead.

Check out Below Details Which Show Damage Type of This 5e Spells.

The spell’s damage increases When you Die at Once and when you reach Following Levels.

@ 5th level2d8 or 2d12
@ 11th level3d8 or 3d12
@ 17th level4d8 or 4d12

There Are Several Other Things You have To Know About This Spell Which We have Given Here if You Already Know About Them Must Share Your Thought About This.

So, let’s Know About All Things For 5e This Toll The Dead.

  • When You Point This Spell From Any of The Nearest Location any of Them one Creature Can be seen Within Range.
  • Same Time Sound & Vision Also Clear Like dolorous bell sound Fills The Air Around it For Short Period of Times.
  • Target Can Be Survive To Saving Wisdom Whether You Get 1d8 necrotic damage.
  • Before You Attack on Your Target it Should Be Check Whether target is Hit’s Point or not, Also Check Is There Any Missing of Hit’s.
  • If target not get Any Hits it May Responsible For At least 1d12 necrotic damage.

DnD 5e Toll the dead At Higher Levels

We have To Understand it’s Damage Level & Survive Level at Any Level Whether it is Lower Level Medium Level or Higher Level.

Because it Can be Easily Understand How We can Take Action If We Get Higher Level Damages to our Spell.

Following are The Great Features mention Where All Detailed Information Given What Should you have To Do at DnD 5e Toll the dead At Higher Levels.

Damages Also Increase With every New Specific Level Check Below Table To Understand This Parameter Easily.

1st Level0
5th level2d8 or 2d12
11th level3d8 or 3d12
17th level4d8 or 4d12
23th level5d8 or 5d12

Toll The Dead 5e Comparison With Others

There are 5e Character Available Which Are More Powerful Then This Character, Here we Have Compared All This 5e Spells With Each Other To Know More Clear About This.

So, Let’s Check Below Sheet and Suggest Your Thought What You Think Which One Is More Powerful To use This Character.

toll the dead vs sacred flame vs Wrathful Smite 5e
HeadToll The Dead 5eWrathful Smite 5eDeep Speech 5e
Attack/SaveWISWisdom Other
Casting time 1 Action1 Bonus Action1 action
ClassesCleric, Warlock, WizardPaladinCleric
Components V, SVV, S
DurationInstantaneousConcentration, atleast 1 minuteInstantaneous
High Damage1d12 necrotic damagePsychic Damage (1d6) Radiant 
Low Damage1d8 necrotic damagePsychic Damage (1d6) Radiant 
RacesElf (High Budget)OtherOther
Range60 feetSelf60 feet
Taken FromXGE, page 169XGE, page 170XGE, page 179

Check out below Mention range Compaction Construction About All This 5e Spell, You will Better Understand Using Below Mention Graph.

Range Comparison Bitween All 5e Spell

Following is The Key Analysis Given Regarding All This Spell Using Above Graph We can Get Following Result From Above Graph.

  • There Are Total 3 Spell Where Minimum range is Available Which are Toll The Dead, Deep Speech & Sacred Flame.
  • Another Three Spell Has Higher & Similar Range Available Like it’s 120 For Wrathful Smite, Eldritsh Blast and Fire Bolt.

Questions About Toll The Dead 5e

Questions About Toll The Dead 5e

Check Out This Collection of Frequently Asked Questions From our visitors To us And we have Given Following Answer Against Their Doubtful Questions.

What is the Roll of Toll The Dead in 5e?

Toll The Dead is Little Different From other 5e Spells, This has a Amazing Power Because It Can 1D8 necrotic damage, But it target is already Damaged Then it will become 1D12.

it may Automatically Save Wisdom Without Specify it’s Goal.

What is the Clear Range of Toll The Dead in 5e?

There are More Powerful Spell Available in 5e but it has Amazing Range around 60 feet but it has Two Components and Amazing Power.

What book is toll the dead from?

Toll The Dead 5e Spell Taken From The Sources of XGE, Where This Spell Information Available in Page No 169,170 and 171 also.

You Can get More Images About This Topics Here, There are Lot’s of Royalty Free & Copyrighted Images also You Can Check For Your Knowledge.

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