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Checkout This Wonderfully Compiled Information Regarding this DnD Called Hellish Rebuke Which are Most Interested Spell For me.

Here We have Compiled Information Regarding This Spell Like It’s Range, Duration, Attack Performance, Casting Time And Other All Related information.

We know you Come Specially For Hellish Rebuke But We have Compiled Other 5e Spell With This e Spell Because Without Comparison With Each other We can’t Understand Power of One.

Do You Know? Why I am Saying That This is Amazing Spell, Because of it has a Special Attributes Which is Useful in Anytime and Any type also, Most of Them Can be Usable Without Your Permission.

After Reading Above Powerful Sentence, Do You Have Curious To Know About This Spell? So, Let’s Go For The Ride.

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Hellish Rebuke Introduction

Hellish Rebuke Introduction

Casting Time1 Reaction,
it Means You have 60 Feet
To Attack against Your Damages
Range60 feet
ComponentsV & S
Classes TypeWarlock
Higher Level Damage1d10
Damage of Failed Save2d10
Damage MediumFire
Level1st Level
School TypeEvocation
Attack & Save DEX Save 
IMP Notes About Hellish Rebuke 5e Spell

IMP Notes About Hellish Rebuke 5e Spell

here We have Given Some Amazing facts About This DnD 5e High Level and Special information you Can Check below.

  • Attack Method: you have To Just Point Out Your Finger And This 5e Spell Finished it’s Work Clearly, it have Amazing Power.
  • Buit in AI: We know About Current Artificial Intelligence About Division Power This 5e Spell Can take on Decision Whenever Enemy Want To Attack on You Whether You Know About Them or Not.
  • lower Level Damage: it Always Take 2d10 fire damage Whenever You Saving is failed.
  • Higher Level Damage: Whenever You Will Try This Spell Slot of 2nd Level or Any Other Higher Level Then Damage Also increases by 1+1 Method it Means Damage Increase With 1d10 For Each Slot Level After 1st lavel.

Comparison Between Hellish Rebuke Vs hex 5e Vs Darkness 5e Vs Shatter 5e

Check out This Wonderfully Comparison Between All This Powerful Spell Such Like Hex 5e, Darkness 5e, Shatter 5e and Others we will Give Here Full Comparison Details Here.

Comparison Between 5e Spell
HeadingHellish RebukeHexDarkness
Casting Time 1 Reaction, it Means You have 60 Feet To Attack against Your Damages1 bonus action1 Action
Range60 feet90 feet65 feet
ComponentsV & SV, S, MV & M
DurationInstantaneous Concentration, up to 1 hour Concentration, up to 10 Minits
Classes TypeWarlockWarlockSorcerer, Warlock, Wizard
Higher Level Damage1d101d6NA
Damage of Failed Save2d10NANA
Damage MediumFirenecroticControl
Level1st Level1 Level2nd Level
School TypeEvocationEnchantmentEvocation
Attack & Save DEX Save NANA

Comparison With Different Type of Parameter

Here is The Wonderfully Described Chart Which can easily Identify Amazing Features About All This Spells Range Which is better Then Each Other.

5e range Comparison

Check Above Image you Will Loved To Know Most Powerful Spell and Their Range Details Clearly Described in Image.

Now we have Given Amazing information & Comparison Regarding Range of Such 5e Spell Now we have To Understand Other Parameter Like it’s Components Analysis, Damages & Other Function also Available To Compare With Each Other Check Below Information For That.

Check below Wonderfully Described Graph About Hellish Rebuke Damages Details For Each Next Level You Can Easily Identify With below Graph.

Hellish Rebuke 5e damages

Just Check Above Above Graph Which Show You Each Level of Damages of Different Type of Spell, Like When You Cast This Spell at The Level Of 1st Them you will get Small Damages Like 2 To Maximum 20 same as When You Got Final Level you have to Suffer With Minimum Damage of 10 To 100.

My Final Suggestion About This Spell is Something about 5th Level I think You Have to Always Cast This Spell upto 5th Level Because it Has Best Option such as Minimum Damage is 6 To 60 And Average Damage You have to maintain With 33 Which is half of 100.

we have To Understand Damage Level Increase Process About This Spell Check Below Mention Great Graph image Which also Share Amazing data Which Always Clear All Doubt Regarding Damages of All Spell Just Check below Graph and Share Your Thought About This.

How Damage Level increase in Hellish Rebuke 5e Spell ?

Final Words

we have Full Try To Explain A To Z Details About Hellish Rebuke 5e Spell, we have also Given Compaction With Other 5e Spell Which are Most Unique And Powerful.

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