Troll 5e Full Information About This 5th Edition Monster

Troll has Amazing Powerful Fantasy Monster, it Can Harm Anything at Any Time, here We have Tried To Discussed Full About Troll 5e.

There are Some Amazing Features Available Here Which You have To Check For This Spell as we have Already Discussed About Them.

Mostly Troll has 9 Feet AtLeast Height Where it Can Easily Attack on Anyone Without Any Prior Notice, it is Fearsome green skinned monster giants, trolls eat anything they want as it can catch and devour. Only acid and fire can keep weakness to the regenerative properties of it’s flesh.

Before We Go For The Details Introduction About This Giants Just Check Below Table Where Wonderfully Compiled Information Are Given.

Alignment TypeChaotic evil
Body ColorMoss green,
putrid gray
Challenge No5
Climate SuitableCold
Favorite terrainMountains
Hair ColorIron gray
HeightAround 9 Feet
Hit Points84
Languages Giant
SensesDarkvision 60 Feet
Skills TypePerception +2
VisionDark Vision
Weight500 LBS

Final Words

Finally Here We Have Tried To Give basic But Top Important Information About This Gient Moster Which always Known For Troll 5e Which are Most Unique All Over The Worlds.

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