Tabaxi 5e Full Information About This DnD 5th Edition Spell

Checkout This Wonderfully Created Information Regarding Tabaxi 5e Spell Which are Most Unique All Over The Internet Worlds, There Are Some Other Interesting Facts We have also Discussed Here Regarding DnD tabaxi.

Tabaxi Look Similar To Human and Cat, it’s Combination of Human 5e & Cat Animal just like Most Human Height is around 6 to 7 feet, except long tails.

Tabaxi has Amazing fur color it matches with light yellow or brownish red, eyes also match with it body color like slit-pupilled and always looking green or yellow.

There are Lot’s Extra Power Then Human comparison such as Tabaxi were powerful swimmers and also Expert of climbers as well as it is Amazing Runner. They have Amazing Sense of Humors & Wonderful Sense of smell.

You Can Check Below Tabaxi Looks Are Very Ingenious So, Sometimes it’s Also Called as leopard men or jaguar men.

Before We Go For Detailed Analysis About This Spell Just Check Below Table Where We have Compiled Some Interesting Information About Tabaxi DnD.

Activity cycleAny
Average lifespanSame as humans
Climate SuitableWarm
Eye ColorGreen or Yellow
Favorite TerrainJungles
First IntroducedFiend Folio (1981)
Hair ColorYellow or red
Height6 To 7 Inch
HomeTownNexal and Maztica
Languages SpeakCommon, Tabaxi
Patron deityCat lord, Tezca, Nula
Weight200 To 250 LBS

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