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most of the people in the world watched Disney Movies at-least one time in His/her all life

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About The ‘101 Dalmatians’

Dalmatians Disney name is taken from the novel which is written by British author Dodie Smith in 1956

after that it’s multimedia franchise given to Disney, such a way this 101 dalmatians names is come out in the market

So, Let’s Start with a 101 Dalmatians Dog Names which is most popular in the world.

101 Dalmatian Names

  1. Perdita: Perdita is Wife of Pongo and also a mom of the all 15 Dalmatian puppies group.
  2. Patch: rowdy and noisy pup; the patch is the main character in the Disney direct-to-video 101D, Patch is a male pup which is born with a black mark, He is one the largest Missis’ Litter and strong relationships with a Cadpig.
  3. Anita: Anita is Roger’s wife and also a Perdita’s owner & a wonderful artist.
  4. Lucky: Lucky is a pup and it has always good fortune, Lucky is almost dead at the time of birth but it’s surviving by Roger; it’s a horseshoe-shaped patch on the body; This is My Favorite & Bravest puppies Lucky is The son of ‘Pongo’ & ‘Perdy’.
  5. Alex: Alex is a short form of ‘Alexander’, it meaning is ‘defender of mankind’ they all trust like Alex.
  6. Angel: one of best funniest angelic black & white colored Dalmatian puppy
  7. Dodger: Dodger is a Difficult character of street smart Jack Russell terrier in the film Oliver & Company.
  8. Pepper: Pepper is best for the typical table & top pairing of salt same perfect for a black & white dog. it’s mentioned only once by ‘Pongo’ and after with ‘Nanny’, The Disney Film describes Pepper as a “smallest spots of all”.
  9. Pongo: Pongo is one of the finest characters of 101 Dalmations. He is a male Dalmatian who is owned by a human named Roger looks like a Radcliffe or Roger Dearly. He is easily identified with his two black ears & his red color.
  10. Pluto: Pluto is the most famous Disney dog & trusted dog of Mickey. once introduced in the ninth planet from the sun but then after reclassified in the 2006 year. It is the same as Mickey Mouse’s pet dog.
  11. Romeo: a name which is taken from the famous lovers ‘Romeo & Juliet’. and there is no word to say about his love for the beautiful ‘Juliet’.
  12. Rover: look like a female version of ‘Romeo’ Rover is perfect for any dog and its English meaning is ‘wanderer’.
  13. Roxie: it’s meaning is ‘dawn of the day’, Roxie is a short form of ‘Roxanne’, which is the most popular song of ‘the band The Police’.
  14. Venus: we all know our second planet is called Venus, but it’s famous as a Goddess of beauty and love symbol of Roman mythology. What a great name for a beautiful female pup?!
  15. Goofy: one of the most popular Disney dog, the best friend of ‘Mickey Mouse’ & famous Donald Duck.
  16. Bingo: Bingo is One the best charterer in Disney movies especially it’s my favorite
  17. Winston: Taken from the famous English amazing figure ‘Winston Churchill’, who was most recognized for being the PM of the UK at the time of Second World War.
  18. Bolt: Most popular, pure, loving & loyal to the movie called ‘bolt’ of 2008.
  19. Buddy: it’s meaning is closed friend, because a Dalmatian has man’s best buddy.
  20. Zorro: it’s also a popular character notably wears a black outfit & black mask and carries a sword. He is displayed on television & films both.
  21. Vinnie: Taken From The ‘Vinnie & Poo’, its meaning is ‘conqueror’ and ‘victor’, also a short form of ‘Vincent’.
  22. Valerie: a French name which meaning is ‘to be strong & healthy’, Valerie is also famous for Disney character in after 1990.
  23. Zeus: Zeus is a Greek God of sky & thunder, he is the king of all the Gods & has a Power to rules everyone on earth.
  24. Zebra: Zebra’s name is also called his features like a black & white animal who has four legs.
  25. Woody: its main character in the Pixar series ‘The Toy Story’. his One the best characters with famous catchphrases like “there’s a snake in my boot!”
  26. Willow: a famous girl’s name which is my favorite same as a beautiful tree.
  27. Ursula: taken from the ‘The Little Mermaid’, which is the main villain in Disney’s 1989 animated movie, She wants to create a deal with the main character.
  28. Twilight: the main features of light & darkness in the world differentiates why we come here.
  29. Tux: a Shortened version of ‘Tuxedo’, you also knew ‘Jacky Chain’ Movie is Famous for the same name, Tuxedo is a black suit & tie with a white shirt person or an animal.
  30. Penny: a Female puppy that introduced only onetime, Generally it’s sitting at his father’s feet. Penny is a very small size in the body even ears.so it’s also called shiny as a Penny should be the “animated” form of character. it’s scheduled to appear in the animated TV series & films as a major character & also Known as Dainty Penny, along with Patch, but she was later dropped.
  31. Gertie: German Translate ‘strong spear’ Suitable for Strong dog.
  32. Jewel: a Female pup which is known as a live-action version of 101 Dalmatians, she has the amazing power of soundness she can get any type of sound in her ears whether it is loudly or shortly, She has solid black ears with amazing powers & a spotted “necklace”, hence her namesake.
  33. Sullivan: taken from the famous parts ‘Pixar’s Monsters Inc’, a one-eyed best friend named Mike Makowski’
  34. Sergeant Tibbs: the Best Character in The 1986 film The Great Mouse Detective look Like an overweight, spoiled named Like Felicia, This is one of the most noteworthy Disney names, whether it is a Famous cat character but You can also use for the dog.
  35. Julia: a Swedish word it’s meaning is ‘youthful one’
  36. Daisy: a cartoon character was taken from ‘the Mickey Mouse’
  37. Wizzer: A male pup that often has “accidents”. Wizzer’s name is given to his because of his constant urinating. He has amazing powerful black ears like ‘Jewel’, and most Disney characters feature him with a patch over his back left paw. He is also known as the bravest pups in the movie.
  38. Star: lots of bright stars in the dark sky would like to go the opposite of a Dalmatian’s fur!
  39. Duke: it was only always come up at the opening of the TV show, but he wants to try “Full Metal Pullet” where he is look like a large puppy with spotted ears. When ‘Tripod’ chose him to work with his team for Unit Cohesion, he lets out a girly squeal in delight.
  40. Spots: the most famous Dalmatian name! Although did you understand that every Dalmatian character is unique because no one Dalmatians ever has the same spots?
  41. Titan: my favorite name, it was a race of gods in Greek mythology, this name is perfect for any dog that wants to be a leader
  42. Smoky: Smoky took for another name perfect for a Dalmatian with more black characters than others.
  43. Moon: Create the best mood by seeing Moon
  44. Sylvester: a name which is translated from Latin language, it’s meaning is ‘wooded’ and ‘wild’
  45. Scar: the main villain of The Lion King Movie, it’s the younger brother of Mufasa
  46. Scamp: the son of the title actor in another Disney dog movie called ‘Lady and the Tramp’; it’s suitable for a rambunctious Dalmatian pup
  47. Skunk: this name is perfect for the smelliest black and white animal.
  48. Sammy: a Hebrew name & it’s meaning is ‘God heard’
  49. Dipstick: It’s not Famous Character in Disney But It’s Also Most Don lock
  50. Shadow: if you have a dark shadow against something white or yellow or any other colors it’s opaque like snow, it’ll match the furs of the Dalmatian.
  51. Scout: it’s meaning is ‘to listen’; it was used by ‘Harper Lee’ in her novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’
  52. Lois: a Greek word, it’s meaning ‘one who is more desirable’
  53. Giraffe: these animals also have splodges on their fur, although your Dalmatian will never have a neck as long as theirs!
  54. Orca: Orca is known as ‘killer whales’ & it’s Looks like black and white.
  55. Two-Tone: a most often seen as a female puppy & about its Personality one black ear and one white ear, her character is the most outrageous, because this type of appearance available in Dalmatian – or any other breed, it looks like a half-black with white spots, and half white & black spots.
  56. Howard: it’s meaning is ‘high guardian’ or ‘Braveheart’ mostly used in Germany.
  57. Fidget: Fidget is an amazing painting which used at another movement
  58. Inky: try this amazing & Wonderful name which tell us color combination if your pets have More color them use this.
  59. Gizmo: name for any kind of device or machine, which is a cute name for a Dalmatian!
  60. Sylvia: Latin word translate from ‘one who is from the forest’
  61. Panda: Panda is a black and white mammal, always prefers to eat bamboo to dog food!
  62. Pablo: taken from the one the famous artist ‘Pablo Picasso’.
  63. Copper: Copper is also my favorite name because of the mix who serves as a main character in ‘The Fox and the Hound’.
  64. Oreo: Suitable for Black & White pup as a scrumptious black and white biscuit.
  65. Minnie: One of the best, famous and iconic Disney character, taken from the Mickey Mouse
  66. Mickey: Mickey Mouse is the most famous, great and well-known Disney characters. it’s developed by ‘Walt Disney’ himself in 1928, and his also a Black & White Mouse.
  67. Nana: Nana is an amazing character lovable Newfoundland who takes care of the Darling children in Peter Pan.
  68. Jinx: jinx is girl name you know about jin of their famous Movie X-men
  69. Taigerine: a sweet and cheerful Girl Who is Queen of Seven Kingdoms & Mother of Dragons
  70. Jagger: a famous man Mick Jagger. He created lots of songs for the band, like
    ‘Midnight Rambler’, ‘Tumbling Dice’ and ‘Time Is On My Side’.
  71. Jaws: This is a shark But it also suitable for a dog & Jaws is taken from the Famous Film of Steven Spielberg Launched in 1975
  72. Lizzie: a short form of Elizabeth, which is a famous English queen
  73. Cowbell: a word cow is another animal famous for its black & white splodges
  74. Lennon: a famous singer & songwriter, John Lennon, who Created songs like
    ‘All You Need Is Love’, ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ and ‘I Am The Walrus’
  75. Cruella: Full name is ‘Cruella De Vil’, it’s the main villain in the movie ‘101 Dalmatians Names’, She tries to create a fur coat out of the puppies in the film.
  76. Juno: look like a ‘June’ the queen of the heavens in Roman mythology, and the wife of Jupiter & the famous movie name of Ellen Page and Michael Cera.
  77. Cleo: it looks like ‘Oreo’ short form of ‘Cleopatra’, taken from the most famous Ancient Egyptian pharaohs.
  78. Blinky: the name of the mutated fish & It has three eyes, Due To nuclear waste problem in Springfield
  79. Buster: usually it’s a person who breaks things – i hope you can’t need this name for your Dalmatian!
  80. Bruno: it’s meaning is ‘shield’ or ‘armour’ and Mostly used in Germany.
  81. Chico: a Spanish word it’s meaning is a ‘small boy’ or ‘child’ but could also apply to a small pup.
  82. Angel: Short form of ‘Angelfish’, this name would be Suitable which is master in the underwater creature
  83. Splash: the perfect name for a dog that makes a big splash in the water.
  84. Checkers: one type of game that is played on a black and whiteboard.
  85. Charlie: Created from the ‘Charles’, however, it can be used as a unisex name.
  86. Archie: a name Which meaning is ‘truly brave’.
  87. Boris: Short form of ‘Bogoris’ & it’s meaning is ‘snow leopard’ – a very suitable Dalmatian name!
  88. Anita: this name is mostly used in India & Anita is the owner of the puppies in the 101 Dalmatians movie.
  89. Apollo: the Greek God of both medicine and music. It is also the name of a Street & United States space program, which was responsible for landing the first man on the moon. so, this name is perfect for a dog with intelligence!
  90. Beckham: a soccer ball is also black and white such as Dalmatian, and as we know David Beckham is a great soccer player.
  91. Dunzo: there are some interesting Dunzo calls out there, such as ‘two little ducks’ for 22.
  92. Jett: Taken From the dark organic gemstone, or also a singer of ‘I Love Rock and Roll’, Joan Jett.
  93. Bellatrix: it’s a villain in the ‘Harry Potter’ series and is often See in black cloth.
  94. Marbles: a game that is played with small glass balls.
  95. Jeeves: a name for a butler in various fictional also works in literature, television, and films.
  96. Lightning: a flash of bright light that Closes usually a dark sky. and a name with black and white imagery.
  97. Maleficent: a villain in Disney’s Movie, who finally Create her own film in 2014, Role by ‘Angelina Jolie’.
  98. Murphy: it’s meaning is ‘sea warrior’, Mostly used in Irish.
  99. Penguin: one of the best names for a black and white animal, that shares a similarity with your Dalmatian.
  100. Polka: a pattern consisting of multiple large spots.
  101. Ringo: Taken From The ‘The Beatles’, which is a member of ‘Ringo Starr’.

unique dalmation names

Another Unique Dalmatian Names whish is share by our Users

Here is the list of 101 Dalmatian Names which is Suggested by our users You can Check There name and I think this will also helpful for you.

Some times we have to try strong name for our pets you can also choose such names from the list

Name of The PersonSuggested Dalmatian Names
CarolScamp’s triplett sisters
allergy_freakBubba, Chew, Bones
DavidFreckles, Eight ball, Orion
AnilySnip, Dotcom, Sunspot, Nickels, Hotdog
Belle StarrFetch, Cinders, Lollipop
Calamity JaneDomino, Gobstopper, Squeaky, Speckles
Mary JaneAlameda, Nipper, Tippy, Jersey, Twister, Badger
KateSkipper, Snowball, Ellipses

Rest of The 101 Dalmatians Dog Names

I think From Above List You Miss Some names Which were heard by you But Not Cover in Above List Don’t worry here is the list of 101 Dalmatians Names which is not mentioned in the above list.

  • Pinwheel
  • Jimmies
  • Gideon
  • Soho
  • Cosmo
  • Chester
  • Chief
  • Typhoon
  • Ashes
  • Flip
  • Grinder
  • Stripes
  • Hydrant
  • Otto
  • Tug
  • Bogey
  • Fisher
  • Spindle
  • Dab
  • Rorschach
  • Windy
  • Moose
  • Ralph
  • Chase
  • Squirrel
  • Bongo
  • Peeve
  • Badges
  • Chance
  • Zephyr
  • Fang
  • Patches
  • Rufus
  • Wags
  • Drifter
  • Little dipper
  • Diggity
  • Blunder
  • Bootsie
  • Snicker
  • Toffee
  • Whirlwind
  • Nugget
  • Bluster
  • Smudge
  • Soccer
  • Scamper

Dodie Smith who is the author of the book that Written both films, and it had nine Dalmatians! it is also possible that some of these book names are also mentioned here.

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