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Here We have Given Full Data Like How To Cast This Spell, Casting Time, Duration, Range, Components Details, Level Etc

Before We Go For The Any Other Knowledge About This Spell just Check Below Table And Understand basic Details About This Spell.

First Check Below Short Details About This Spell Then We will Share Another Important Tips & Tricks About This Spell In Below The Table.

Attack TypeDEX Attack
Casting Time1st Action
ComponentsV & S
Damage TypeFire Damages
DurationAround 1 Minit
Range60 Feet
Save TypeDEX Save
Weapon EffectFire Weapon

Here Check Below Information Which Shows Damages Details About This Spell.

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Create Bonfire Damage Analysis

Damages LevelDamages Type
1th Level1d8
5th Level2d8
11th Level3d8
17th Level4d8

Check Above Table and Below Mention Graph Which Show Best Analysis About Damage Type at Each Level For This 5e Spell.

Create Bonfire Damage Analysis

You Can Easily Understood and Find Some Great Ideas About Such Type of Other Spell Also.

You Can Get Amazing Comparison Between other 5e Spell Like Frostbite 5e, Guidance 5e, Thorn Whip 5e Etc

Comparison Between Create Bonfire 5e Vs Thorn whip 5e

Here have Compiled Information To Compare 2 Spell With Each Other Where One is Bonfire & Other is Thorn Whip, if You Want More Details About Thorn Whip 5e Then Check Our Article We have Also Write Full Article About This Spell.

Now, Let’s Compare Both Spell With Each Other For Such Information Check below Table.

Thorn Whip 5eCreate Bonfire 5e
Avg Damage3.54.5
Casting Time1 Action1 Action
ClassDruid & Artificer (2)Wizard,
Sorcerer (4)
Components V, S, M  V, S
DurationInstantaneousTake Around 1 Minit
Max Damage69
Min Damage12
Range 30 Feet 60 Feet

Check-In Above Table Here Both Spell has Some Amazing Difference And Similarities Such has Both Has Different Components Like Bonefire has Two Components Like V, S, and Bonefire Has 3 Components.

Such as Both Range has Also Different In Both 5e One has 30 feet Range And Another Has Double 60 Feet Range.

Now What About Similarities We can Say Here Both Spell Has Same Casting Time Such as 1 Action.

Create Bonfire 5e Vs Frostbite 5e

let’s Compare Create Bonfire With Frostbite 5e, Here is Great Comparison List About This.

Create Bonfire 5eFrostbite 5e
Avg Damage4.54
Casting Time1 Action1 Action
Sorcerer (4)
Druid, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard, Artificer
Components V, S V, S
DurationTake Around 1 MinitInstantaneous
Max Damage98
Min Damage23
Range 60 Feet 60 Feet

Now Check Below Mention Great Analysis About Above Both Spell.

  • There are Several Thing Which Both has Similarities Like Range, Component’s Etc Both Share Same Range Like 60 feet & Also Share Same Components Such as S & V.
  • Major Difference Between Both Spell Is like School type and Duration, it’s Own Class.

Create Bonfire 5e Vs Infestation 5e

Now Let’s Compare Bonfire 5e With Other various Infestation 5e Spell as below. We will Start With All Basic Information as Earlier we have Compared.

Check below Table and Share What You Think About This Spell.

HeadingCreate BonfireInfestation
Attack TypeDEX AttackPoison Attack
Casting Time1st Action1st Action
ClassesWizard, Warlock, Druid, SorcererDruid, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard
ComponentsV & SV & S & M
Damage TypeFire DamagesDamage With Poison
DurationAround 1 MinitInstantaneous
Range60 Feet30 Feet
Save TypeDEX SaveConstitution Save
Weapon EffectFire WeaponPoison Effect

Check Above Table It Shows Something Amazing Like Both Spell has Similar School, Similar Classes and Also Have Similar Casting Time.

We Can Also Say That Both 5e Spell Has This Difference Like Weapon Effect, Different Range, Different Type of Damages one Can Damage Enemy With Fire Where Another Can Damage With Poison.

Now we have Given Wonderful Compiled Analysis About This Spell With All Other Related Spell.

So, lets Check All Spell Different Parameter With It’s Range, Classes Etc.

Range Comparison With Other Spell

Check Below Graph Which Show You Great Details About Range Comparison Between This Spell With Other All Spell.

Range Comparison With Other Spell

Components Comparison With Other Spell

You Can Check Below Image Where Amazing Information Showing About All Spell Components Where Create Bonfire has 2 Components Maximum Components has With Two Spell as below Which are Infestation & Thorn Whip.

Components Comparison With Other Spell

Classes Comparison With Other Spell

Now You Can Also Check Classes Graph Below Table Indicate That maximum Classes Available With Frostbite 5e Spell Where Minimum Classes Available With Primal Savagery 5e Spell.

Classes Comparison With Other Spell

Final Words

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