Thorn Whip 5e Full Information With All Details

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It’s Specialty is it can Execute Command Whenever You Required it, like Enemy in Range it Can Attack, You Can also Attack Via melee spell against you Target.

Before we go Further here are The Brief Details About This 5e Spell You Can Easily Understand With the Following Tables.

Thorn Whip 5e Introduction

Thorn Whip 5e Introduction

Check Below Details You Can Easily Identify Power of This Spell Using Following Details.

Avg Damage3.5
Casting Time1 Action
ClassDruid & Artificer
Components V, S, M 
Max Damage6
Min Damage1
Range 30 Feet

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Thorn Whip 5e details

IMP Tips About Thorn Whip 5e

Here You Can Check Wonderful And Amazing Information About This Thorn Whip Which is My Favorite Spell.

IMP Tips About Thorn Whip 5e
  • The Stem Of A Plant With Thorns material Required For This Spell
  • Thorn Whip Damages Also Increases With Your Each & Every Attack Like if You Reach 5th Level Then Damage also increase With 2d6, Same as When You Reach at Level 11 Damage Will be 3d6 & 4d6 Damage at The Level of 19.
  • you Can Attack On Creature When it’s in range You have To Attack With melee Weapon.
  • When You Attack on target if it’s Work Then You Will get 1d6 Damage & If target Are Lower Then You Can Also Pull Target With You Power.
Thorn Whip 5e damage type

FAQ For Thorn Whip 5e

Here is the Great list of Questions Which are Asked By Our Visitors to Us, and We have Given Amazing Answer Here Which You Most Like All.

FAQ For Thorn Whip 5e

What are The Best best synergies For Thorn Whip 5e Spell?

as per My Knowledge Best Synergies For This Spell is Ready To Pull With a Powerful battlefield control effect. Do Not Understand That this is a melee spell attack.

Can We use Thorn Whip 5e in melee without any disadvantage?

Yes, You Can Use Thorn Whip 5e in melee without any disadvantage, Because you Can Still Use It at Limited Range using the Pull effect Method.

Can Damage Increase in This Spell Each & Every Next Level?

Yes, Always Damage also Increase With Every Next Levels Check Above Image How Damage Will be Increase at Different Languages.

Here we have also Described Different Type pf PE Spell With Each Other here Is The Great Information About All This.

Check Following Table You Can Easily Understand About All This.

we have Mention and Given Full Comparison Between All This 5e Spells.

Thorn Whip 5eShillelagh 5eThunderclap 5e
Casting Time1 Action1 Action1 Action
ClassDruid & ArtificerDruidNA
Components V, S, M  V, S, M S
DurationInstantaneous1 minuteInstantaneous
Range 30 Feet05 Feet

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