Thunderstep 5e Detailed Analysis About This 5th Edition Powerful Spell

Don’t Go Anywhere Online Dear Just Check This Article, Here we have Given Full Introduction & Information About This Thunderstep 5e Spell Which are Most Unique All Over the Worlds.

Do You Know Dear Why We Tell Powerful Things About This 5e Spell, Because it’s My Favorite Spell, and most of Time i already use This Spell For longtime.

So, let’s Check Some important basic information About This Spell Which are Most Unique All Over The Worlds.

Thunderstep 5e
Casting Time1 Action
ClassesWizard, Warlock, Sorcerer
ComponentsV Only
Damage Typethunder
Level3 Level
Range90 Feet
Save Typeconstitution
Weapon Effectthunder

You are Aware About Basic Information of This Spell, Now it’s Time To Know About Advance Information About All This Spell So, Let’s Check About Them Also.

There are Some Interesting facts and Features Available With This 5e as You Will See in Future About This Spell.

So, Let’s Know About Them.

  • You Can teleport Your own Body & Other Body to an unoccupied space Which you can Check This within range
  • Whenever You Try Teleport Immediately Some Sound Appear and Now You can Easily Attack on Your target Within 10 Feet Range.
  • if You Fails In This Mission Then 3d10 thunder damage Can Effect on Your body.
  • Still if You Succeed in Against On Attack Half Damage May Arrive.
  • thunder Boom Sound Can be heard from Too Much Distance it’s up to 300 feet.

Thunderstep at Higher Levels

Let’s Analise Some Another Information For This Spell, Just Check That if We Go For The Detailed Analysts About This Spell, We have Given Some important Information Regarding Spell as below.

we have To Check Damage Level of Thunderstep at Every level From 1 To 50 Etc.

Before You Use This Spell just Check Below table Which Show You Best Result About This Damages at Higher Levels.

1st Level1d10
2nd Level2d10
3rd Level3d10
4th Level4d10
5th Level5d10
6th Level6d10
7th Level7d10
8th Level8d10
9th Level9d10
10th Level10d10
Thunderstep Damage Level

Range Analysis Between Other Spell

Now Let’s Compare Range Between Each Other About All This 5e Spell, as We All Know Range is main Factor To Hit Target Within a Specific Are Where we Suffered With Specific Damages We have To Aware About Our Damages.

So, That’s Why We Can Easily Understood all About our main factor.

So, Let’s Check Below Chart helps You To Know Which Spell Has Amazing Power in Range.

Thunderstep 5e90
Greater Invisibility 5e2
Calm Emotions 5e60
Telekinesis 5e60
levitate 5e60
Create Bonfire 5e60
Scimitar 5e2
Divine Smite30
Prayer of Healing30
Range Anylisys of Thunderstep 5e

Here You can Easily identify Difference between Each Spell Which Spell Has Amazing Power Range, Before We use All This Spell We Have To Aware Some Other Factor About This Also.

Such as Greater Invisibility and Scimitar has Zero Range it Means It Can Hit Attack Against Target Physically They can Not hit Without Any Prior Notice.

Same as Thunderstep 5e has Large Range So, it Will helpful When Your Target is Powerful Then You.

Thunderstep DnD

Final Words

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We have Also Write Some Interesting Information About Other 5e Spell Something Like Greater Invisibility 5e, Calm Emotions 5e, Telekinesis 5e, levitate 5e, Create Bonfire 5e, Scimitar 5e You may Check and Know About Them Also.

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