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1000+ Dragon Names Include Game of Thrones Blue Cool Purple Earth Badass

we know you are wandering for dragon names, I think you have to know first of all dragon names used in the game of thrones.

we have also compiled several other names with the heading of Badass, Earth Dragon names, majestic names, cool fire & bearded dragon names.

I think some names also suited on colors of the dragon so, here we have also compiled with colors like blue, purple, lightning dragon names, etc.

So, Lets Start With Some Information Regarding Dragons.

do You Know There is Only One Who can be Killed To Dragons we have also compiled greatest list of them to check this 1000+ Skyrim Names for more ideas?

A dragon was the world largest mythological creature of the world, which also appeared folklore culture of the world, the dragon was the regions drastically, but in the western culture when the high medieval periods come in the often so the dragon was depicted as winged, horrible with the four legs and also capable for the breathing fire.

names from game of thrones

The Game of Thrones Dragons Names

  • Drogon: black and red
  • Rhaegal: green and bronze
  • Viserion: cream and gold

so, the western culture usually depicted dragons as the winged with the four-legged Mythological creatures.

the earliest ancient report of the dragons creators resembles with the giant snakes of the forest. Dragons creatures were first described in the Methodologies of the ancient east Mesopotamian arts gallery.

the story of the storm god described that the giant’s snake serpents occurred in the nearly European and near in the eastern mythological.

the popular images of the dragons of the western winged with the four-legged were much capable of the breathing fires which were invented of the higher middle ages & higher medieval periods in the east of the ancient with the appeared of the ancient Mesopotamian art gallery.

the names of the dragons come from the Chinese lungs which were associated with the good fortune and also have the power over rain.

Dragons are mostly associated with the over rains which were the sources of the Chinese custom of dragons dancing and also associated with the dragons boat racings.

In the eastern demigods have the dragons as the personal mount companions and also identify the emperor of the eastern china in the later Chinese history.

the china peoples have the permit to have the dragons in her own homes. with clothing & personal things.

badass dragons names

Badass Dragons Names

Badass Dragon’s names are also known as the Flying reptiles because they can breathe with the breathing fires.

they also have a rumored connection with the full of magical power. the magical power seems to be true when the birth of the dragons first three in the hundreds of years.

Dragons’ magical power process was awesome with full of devastating power, which was capable of lying to waster to armies which can burn the entire cities into ashes.

men who cannot able to fight with the enemies has ridden the dragons as beasts war in the battle and won the war across empires continent of the Essos and Western.


Apalala was popular among all the dragons in the Buddhist mythological. Before Apalala dragons were the firewater dragon, this dragon lived as the human way with the names of the Gangi and Gangi used her power magical skills to keep the evil dragons away from the regions contained because evil dragons can destroy the crops of the regions with their power storms.


the story of the ask ook dragons told by the tapestry that the first few years of dealing existence they were united under one king rule and also were the independent string of the villages who always fight with each other.

But after some time as passed and one of the ancestor Takahiro turn to fight with the Meredith to help the family from the united kingdom and they save the life and make it peace for the two years.

  • Atton

Atton was the poison for all the battle king because this warrior works for both sides when the king says him to fight with other warriors at that time this warrior not fight and take something from the enemies king. the meaning of the Atton was “poison”

  • Budhani

Budhani were the surnames of the ancient peoples which evolved to peoples into a big group by their occupations with the place of the origins, clan affiliation and also with the physical characteristics the meaning of this word was the helper of the peoples.

  • Draco

the word Draco came from the Greek it called Drakon, Draco was the names of the scribe of the Athens in the 12 century Graces and also the names of the Greek country constellation in the greek it calls mythology because they are many dragons in it. the meaning of this word was “Dragon”

random dragon names

Random Dragon Names

There is some other name which not having any specific meaning but this is good names of the dragons which considered the good meaning and also have some specific character role played in ancient times.

DertDudha Duwaniya
Jahhhga  JaggaJumiya
Huuja  HytqasHttera

Dragon Movies

I think you will be loved these greatest movies based on the dragon, one my favorite and popular dragon series is “Game of Thrones” you have to watch these.

Check This Dragon Movies names

  • DragonHeart (1996) PG-13 | 103 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy.
  • Dragonslayer (1981)
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013)
  • The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)
  • Dragon Hunter (2009)
  • Dragon Crusaders (2011 Video)
  • Dragonheart: A New Beginning (2000 Video)
  • Dragon Storm (2004 TV Movie)
  • Dungeons & Dragons (2000)
  • Eragon (2006)
  • How to Train Your Dragon (2010)
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

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male & Female dragon anmes

Dragons Names Compiled With Male & Female

Male Dragons were too much greatly depends on the different styles of the fictions which happen to regard for playing and fighting with the enemies to destroy the world creatures, into smalled crave to more docile beings and for the enemies.

All male dragons never fight with a good person, they always spend their life to save the peoples from their enemies.

their names are usually shared in the overall style through the melodic elements.

All the dragon’s names focused on these types of elements but among them, they are many dragons that have a wider variety of names.

These are some unique and antic names which are given in the below table, all the names have some fantasy meaning and powerful names pronoun among them definite you can easily choose one names from the given list.

Daqsso   Danola   Duketa  
FlurryFurfos   Fandet  
HakkuHakkima   Hukina  
Hyttrea   Hydreon   Huujaa  
Illuyaso   Ikhunolsa   Ibulosa  
Imnani   IkajiaInsafa
Kikania   Kamesaa   Kazxola  
Ladona   Lassika   Lubhiya  
Lalena   Lambina   Lakhse  
Loiuna   Laqwean   Lhajola  
Manasa   Mudrona   Munkina  
Musika   Mumbro   MInines  
Mandina   Majika   Maxcol  
Nitron   Nihja   Nikhila  
Nabrok   Namnam   Nurefa  
Nuuja   Nawwsa   Nsreesa  
Rahuua   Raghua   Rensona  
Rufika   Rudino   Ramsan  
Rifita   Reddina   Rredua  
Sactha   Shacot   Shalma  
Susiloc   SudrinaSubhrin

Here is The Another Names Which have No Meaning With Itself you can Give Special Menaing for them by Speeking Loudly.

I think this also one way to give special meaning to a name.

so, let’s create some meaning to a name.

Owindro   Ebhinro   Umberota  
Umballa   Uyahol   Ukikona  
Asofad   Umiyana   Uiokaa  
Venims   VerinosVekikon
Vikhard   VikranasVifroka
Vhaxip   VipzipVanzoxl
Whiroa   WerokaWizxola
Withzo   Waqerola   Wifiyani  
YipheYazzoa   Yahoozu  
XincolaXizzsoa   Xweroa  

earth dragon names

Earth Dragons Names

In Chinese mythology, the meaning of the earth dragon was the one type of the long dragons among in all the dragons variety such as divine Dragons, Silicon Dragons, and Yellow Dragons.

So the Sun, Lend, Soil, and the sky semantically contract with the tian of the heavy rain and with the earth universe.

the earth dragons also paired with the tailoring with the heavy dragons.

Earth Dragons were usually able to fly in the sky so all the earth dragons considered as the celestial creatures dragons rather good than the terrestrial earthbound dragons.

the earth dragons are pan along with two other exceptions such as coiled & curled dragons.

Here in the below tables, they are to many fantasy names of the earth dragons with a meaningful pronoun which you like.

Bizzser   Bizxopaa   Bawzxiao  
Cureeia   Cuxxula   Cussadin  
Cashola   Cizxioal   Cudhiyan  
Didhat   Diwinaa   Deafrona  
Disamin   Dislikera   Dilkhaa  
Fwera   Fudhos   Finaad  
Frskia   Fuppola   Fansatop  
Eqopala   Ewsopla   Erqaona  
Enderosa   Eriunaa   Evilkaa  
Gatrre   Giddaa   Ginglea  
Guhaja   Gandrola   Gatewa  
Humdara   Hansiaa   Huffasa  
Hyuuioa   Hakimaa   Hulliona  
Indera   IfreanaIkiloa
Luliao   Lapola   Lamuya
Librani   Lakhsa   Lukiop  
Mumnoa   Mimnaa   Misada  
Mureiaa   Mumraa   Mujhida  
Nuytaa   Nambroa   Nisuyt  
Nisuyaa   Nambloa   Nimbratsa  
Oddua   Onnoa   Ommua  
Ouyaa   Ochaka   Oioio  
Puytaa   Panbria   Popila  
Punhya   Piplaoa   Pumbloa  
Qasgga   Quloa   Qambloa  
Qawera   Quintal   Quisiya  
Ranbos   Rambbo   Rujika  
Rukaiya   Raunha   Ryuikomp  
Sudda   Sancri   Sadhola  
Tamtam   Tikoka   Tibiyana  
Uyyax   Uqqoa   Ujoop  
Vinfroa   Vikkiea   Vimbrodo  
Waxcol   Wytta   Wycota  
Xuxopa   Xinglop   Xiccda  
Yujsia   Yujjan   Yuttra  
Yuioka   Ytraa   Yanbada  
Zaxsiia   Zigolo   Zuudea  

Lighting Dragons Names

Lighting Dragon’s names was the marvelous names among all the dragons variety, the lighting dragons were better than all the dragons beasue these dragons only have the magical power which getting from the evil god.all the magical power of the lighting dragons come at the night time. they do not have any power in the day time.

All the lighting dragon only see in the night. when you see it in the day you cannot see any dragon body parts so you all the dragons come in the night to enjoy thier nightfall. when they come in the day time they do not have any power to kill anyone because all the power has gone. So the lighting dragons was the special dragons of the night.

Alright all the lighting was to much prety among all the dragons beacause it refelect the light like the god Moon refelect.All the lighting of the lighting dragons come from the god and it not have any lighting effect at the day time beacasue the god not have given the lighting effect of the day time.


Majestic Dragons Names

Majestic dragons were the creatures of God which were inspiring and the terrifying dragons among all the dragons. All the Majestic Dragons were the winged and Fire breathing creatures as the powerful foes capable of the destroyed to all the fantasy kingdom. All the majestic dragons are not among the malicious dragons.

But some time All the Majestic dragons even become the hero because it will help the other creatures of the god things. All the majestic dragons must be the friends of all other majestic dragons which was also the creatures of the god which have the inspired and the frightened audience of the too many past years with their power appearance.

Among All the majestic dragons they are 5 majestic dragons names which was the best and powerfull dragons which have to many power which come from the god went they want from the god.Beacasue it dragons have the direct contact with the god to save the life of the all the god creatures.

  • Sheron

Sheron was the name of the most powerful dragons. The name Sheron comes from the culture of the japan anime series movie and also comes from live Japanese action tv movies. The sheron dragons have the Y surprisingly features among in all other dragons and also the dragon of the god.sheron dragons is also known as Shenlong dragon.

  • Draco

Draco was the biggest shining dragon which must be make for the particular lively cinematic outing.Draco have the sean connery of the scottish drawl to heat the lighting hearted warm being which always does again the stereotype  among the dragons.Draco dragons always give the part of their body heat to save the kingdom of the king and the life of the king.

  • Vermithrax 

Vermithrax  Dragon was the 80 century classic mile which was the ahead of the fantasy fimls of the japanses.it also the show all the classic layers of the Dragons to motions animation have the variation of the stop motions animations which corporated blur motion of the each falmes.All the Vermithrax  Dragons was the story of the Urland and also have the story of the Medivel land.

  • Smaug 

Smaug was among the top honour of the list which never go to the other widely notorious beast from the world of the great poet J.R.R Tolkien who have reflect Smaug has the great dragons of this land and best dragons of his life time journey in the best poet Antagonist Hobbit Book.Smaug Dragons was the one of the best fire drakes of the eastern which have the prominence 150 years ago event of the noble Dwarf Kingdom Book.

Cavoo   Ciua   Chikan
DronDidja   Diwnao
ErasEdika   Ebino
Juioa   JambxJazsa
Kopla   Kambh   Kujaj  
Lopa   Lukia   Lambro  
Mina   Majosa   Mukin  
Najha   Nijma   Nikiya  
Olla   Olbia   Okhja  
Piia   Pakia   Punshia  
Qawaa   Qunia   Quaia  
Resdoa   Runda   Ransan  
Suslia   Suwoa   Suvao  
Tulia   Tayya   Tabraf  
Uiia   Umbca   Uyyya  
Vzaaa   Vizca   Viniya  
Windas   Wikiaa   Windaaa  
Xiauy   Xyah   Xidda  
Yattt   Yaffs   Yahha  
Zaxaa   Zaxaza   Zasha  

Purple Dragons Names

Purple Dragons are widely depending on the style of the its own fictions you can easily find the good purple dragons names from the playing and watching the movies of Games of thrones.Purple dragons was the world huge destroying creatures which was to much smaller and also was docile beings which has mostly come from the evil.

The purple dragons coarsely scaled to friendly of the serpentine beasts and all the purple dragone names most share the same style of the big melodic elements of the dragons evil.All the names generate focused on the wider variety of the evil names.

Purple Dragons names are mostly suitable for wider dragons and also for the dangerous dragons among in all other dragons beacause purple dragons was to much different from all other dragons varity.in the below table we are given all the names which was to much suitable for the some special dragons.

Abbbz   Asinha   Aiya  
Bikino   Banha   Buhja  
Cucuka   Cahnn   Cinjol  
Dewaa   Drea   Dudja  
Fewa   Funaa   Freas  
Eadas   Eduaj   Edrona  
Gulla   Gujna   Ganhai  
Hanba   Hubaba   Hubxia  
Iuya   Ikkan   Iopa  
Poip   Puopa   Paxia  
Julai   Julzea   Jilnai  
Kioa   Kajha   Krwas  
Leopas   Lemioa   Leula  
Munas   Mkoa   Mikial  
Nahta   Nikiu   Nimiba  
Oppa   Opab   Ochat  
Pania   Paoua   Pukksa  
Qwasd   Qadss   Qadda  
Ruuua   Randas   Ruuya  
Saxz   Sachag   Susila  
Tyaha   Tutani   Tabrxa  
Uiio   Uppla   Umiya  
Vabx   Vimita   Vziay  
Wassa   Wusa   Wuiay  
Xzca   Xxzasa   Xuliao  
Yujja   Yandra   Yittta  
Zaxas   Ziuua   Zaioa  

Male Dragons Names

Males Dragons was the magical god creatures which was totally existed on the western and essos continents which also considered to have the extinct of the fifity thousand years.male dragons remain the traces of the dragons skeletal for the dragons eggs which are thought to have turned to the stone dragons.

Males dragons was totally scaled and reptilian of the god.All the males dragons must have the four wings and some dragons have the two wings and some dragons have the four limbs which was mostly used for the forelegs to fight with some unknow dragon which are also be the God creatures.

AbisasaAchinola  Awisuola 
Binhola Brediko Busines 
Cadrui Cuino Credfya 
Deruola Drwsua Difino 
Emsusdo Ewpisd Esmsdi 
Funiloa Fredoap Ffinas 
Ghsdioa Gifilo Guddiya 
Habcu Huinma Hibani 
Iswas Imcopa Iawspa 
Jmcuas Jikio Jemroa 
Kmcoap Kinima Kamcria 
Ledosd Lewsoap Linima 
Miniopa Memebri Msaxias 
Ninvoa Namcroal Namcpa 
Pmcuaw Pwasioa Pmciaos 
Qsdiod Qadapod Qwduapod 
Riped Rucmoa Rwusdd 
Smasupo Sasmu Suniopa 
Tudpapd Trefin Tadmoeo 
Umcoap Uydras Umcoaps 
Vauao Vamduap Vmoaad 
Wmaioaod WadksdhkWismdoa  
Xmduia Xinioad Xmcod 
Ydkopes Yudioa Yted 
Zmuaod Zldhakd Zlikka 

Final Information

We can give Extra Lots names in this article but due to bulk quantity some of our visitors confused for this names.

so we have listed most of famous, usefull names only.

if you still wanted more unique names about dragons then must tell using comment saction below.

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