Sacred Flame 5e Wonderful Information About This 5e Spell

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you can See Powerful Light on The Object Whenever you Try This 5e, but you have To See This Within a Sacred Flame range Which is 60 feet.

Here is The Clear Introduction About Sacred Flame you Can Check & Suggest Your Thought About This.

Sacred Flame 5e Introduction

Sacred Flame 5e Introduction

Attack & Savedexterity
Casting Time1 Action
Classes TypeCleric
ComponentsV, S
Damage Mediumradiant
Damage of Failed Save1d8 radiant damage
Higher Level Damage1d8 radiant damage
Level0 Level
Range60 feet
School TypeEvocation
Alternatives of DnD 5e Sacred Flame’s

Alternatives of DnD 5e Sacred Flame’s

here we have Try To Compiled Information regarding DnD Sacred Flame 5e Alternatives Which are usable Against This 5e.

What You Think About This Find Familiar 5e Top Most Famous DnD 5e Spells

we always Know Each 5e Object are Most Unique and Powerful we Can Not Replace Anyone To Other But here Some Tricks Can Use To replace Them.

Check out below List Which are 5e latest Fighter Which Can be used Against Sacred Flame, here we have also Share Full Details About All Of Them Also.

  • Inflict Wounds 5e
  • Guidance 5e
  • Thaumaturgy 5e
  • Word of Radiance 5e
  • Spare the dying 5e
  • Cure wounds 5e
  • Toll The Dead 5e
  • Guiding bolt 5e

Check Below Wonderfully Described Range Details About All This 5e Spell, You Will Easily Understood by This Graph it Will More Clear All Your Doubt.

Sacred Flame Alternatives range

FAQ For Sacred Flame 5e

here is The Most Common Questions Ask By Our Visitors To us Regarding This Famous 5e Check Below For Better Understanding.

What is Range bitween Thaumaturgy 5e and Sacred Flame?

There are 30 feet Difference Bitween Both 5e Spell Sacred FlameRange is 60 feet when Thaumaturgy range is only 30 feet.

What is The Type of School of Sacred Flame?

Sacred Flame School is Evocation.

How to Choose Sacred Flame?

Here is The Step by Step Guid To Choose and get Sacred Flame?
First You Need To Choose Perfect Path as soon as Possible, You Can Go With Domons Bonefire, Without any Safety Just Check This Marl And Enter in Room. Now Just Do Any Action And Clear Enemy With Any Type of Power.

What is maximum range Bitween All 5e Spell?

Guiding bolt 5e has a 120 feet range there is no any Other 5e has same range.

Final Words About sacred flame

Final Words

Here We have Try To Give Full Introduction and information Regarding This Sacred Flame 5e with Detailed Comparison With Each other.

it’s almost Same Features like Wrathful Smite 5e Described In other Article You may Check That And understood Both.

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