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You Will get First of all Introduction About This 5e Spell Then Some Important Topics and Then We have Compared 5e Spell With Each Other, you Can Check Below List To Understand Full Article Details.

  • Catapult 5e Introduction
  • IMP Notes About Catapult 5e
  • Comparison Between Other 5e Spell
  • Final Words

So, Let’s Check Some Important notes About This 5e Spell and main Introduction as Mention Below.

Catapult 5e Introduction

Catapult 5e Introduction

Whenever You Try To Use This Spell in Second Level or Higher Spell Same Time Weight of The Spell Also Increases With 5 Pounds, same way damage also increases with 1d8, this is effected for all slop level after 1st level.

you Can Check This Rapier 5e Spell Which are Most Unique.

Area60 feet
Armor Class15
Casting Time1 Action
Damage ImmunizesPoison, Psychic
Damage or Effect Bludgeoning
Higher Range150 feet
Hit Points20
Level1st Level
Range60 feet
CastersArtificer, Sorcerer, Wizard

We can Differentiate This Catapult with Other Different types like Light Catapult and Heavy Catapult, Here is The Some Amazing And Wonderful Tricks About Them Which Shows Best Result About Such Catapult 5e Spell.

Check Below Mention 5e Comparison With Each Other For All Type of Other 5e Spell Which are Most Unique and Famous in The Fantasy Worlds.

Catapult 5e Components
5e SpellVSM
Catapult 5e Yes
Snare 5e YesYes
Artificer 5eYes  
Glyph of warding 5eYesYesYes
Chromatic orb 5eYesYesYes
Chaos Bolt 5eYesYes 

Here We have Mention Range Graph Details Which Compare This 5e Spell Called Catapult 5e With Others 5e Spell like Sacred Flame 5e, Hellish Rebuke Which Indicates you All and Everything.

Using This Data You Can Take Clear Decision About All This 5e.

Comparison Between Other 5e Spell

Catapult 5e Weapon

Catapult is One My Favorite and Powerful Weapon Which is Almost used by Any Ranger, Here we have Given Some Important Information Regarding This 5e Spell, Check below Information and Also Suggest Something About This 5e Spell.

Now Let’s Go For The Wonderful Information About This 5e Spell Which are Most Famous For Me.

Check Below Weapon Information About This 5e Spell.

Catapult 5e Weapon

as we know Catapult Damage immunizes called and Work with poison, psychic More beneficiary Perimeter Like it’s own & Other.

This Weapon Can Operate By One Person, and it always Need only 1 Action To Load This and also for Fire it.

Check Below Table To Know More About Catapult 5e Weapon Details.

Hit Point+5
Range From 150 To 300 feet
Not AllowedTo Fire Within 60 feet Range
Damage on 1st Attempt3d10
comparison with Other 5e Spell

Catapult 5e Vs Snare 5e

We have Already Given Range and Components Analysts For This 5e Spell Above Now We have To Work About Difference Between Once Spell With Another.

here We have Also Given Full Introduction main Difference & Main Similarities About This Both 5e Spell So, Let’s Check Both 5e Spell Functions.

Catapult 5e Vs Snare 5e
HeadingCatapult 5eSnare 5e
Area60 feet60 feet
Casting Time1 Action1 Minits
ComponentsSV, S, M
Damage ImmunizesPoison, Psychicintelligence
Damage or Effect Bludgeoningintelligence
DurationInstantaneous8 hours
Higher Range150 feet160 feet
Hit Points2025
Level1st Level1 Level
Range60 feetTouch

Catapult 5e Vs Artificer 5e

Now Let’s Know About Catapult Spell With Artificer 5e Spell Which are Most Unique All Over The Worlds, here we have Also Suggest About This Both & Given Main Similarities & Difference Also.

Catapult 5e Vs Artificer 5e
HeadingCatapult 5eArtificer 5e
Area60 feet60 feet
Casting Time1 Action1 Action
Damage ImmunizesPoison, PsychicAcid
Damage or Effect BludgeoningAcid
Higher Range150 feet160 feet
Hit Points2028
Level1st Level1 Level
Range60 feet60 feet
SaveDexterityDex Save

Weapons Look Like Catapult

Let’s Check Some Related weapons Which are Most Similar Like This Catapult 5e Here Is below List Given Which all Weapon Look Like Catapult Check Below List for That.

Weapons Look Like Catapult
  • Aircraft catapult
  • Mangonel
  • Mass driver
  • Ballista
  • Sling (weapon)
  • Trebuchet

Check Below Image Which are Showing best Difference Between Them & Understanding How it May Use.

Final Words

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we have also Discussed About Other 5e Spell Which are Most Unique and Famous Like Sanctuary 5e, Snare 5e, Artificer 5e Etc you Can Check Them and Also Give Your Thought About Them also.

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