Finger of Death 5e Full Introduction & Great Information

Why Are You Wandering Dear? Here is The Great Information About This Spell Called Finger of Death 5e Which are Most Favorite for me.

Here We have Given Full Introduction & Great Compiled Information About This 5e Spell Which is helpful To Know More About All Things.

Before we Go For The Details Information About This 5e Spell we Have To Know Basic Requirement & Other Details About This 5e Spell.

So, Let’s Check and Start With The Introduction About Finger of Death.

Finger of Death 5e Introduction

Finger of Death 5e Introduction

Check below Table you Will Get All Information About Finger of Death Spell like it’s Duration, Timing, Range, Casting Time, Class Etc.

Using Following Details you Can easily Compare All Spell With each Other.

Attack / SaveCON Type Save
Casting Time1 Bonus Action
ClassesWarlock, Wizard, Sorcerer 
ComponentsV & S
Damage / EffectNecrotic
Level7th Level
Range/Area60 feet

Here is The Another Great Information Compiled In Table Which is Helpful To Know About Damage Type in This Section.

So, Check Below Table Which Indicate Damage Type at Every New Level.

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Particulars7th Level
Damage Dice7d8 + 30
Min Damage37
Average Damage61.5
Max Damage86

Check Below Graph Column Chart Which Indicates Best Features and Damages Details About This 5e Spell.

Finger of Death 5e Damages

Here is The Another Graph Which Indicates Finger of Death Damages you Can Easily Identify Difference Between Each Levels.

Now, Let’s Start Some Amazing Analysis About This Spell With Other Powerful Spell i think This Will More Beneficiary For You.

Here We have Compare Each & Every Spell With other 5e Spell On Behalf of Speed, Duration Time, Casting Time Etc. this is perfect 5e spell which name is Wrathful Smite 5e and my favorite also.

Finger of Death 5e Vs Power word kill 5e

So, let’s Check Finger of Death 5e Spell With Power Word kill 5e Spell Main Difference Between This is Components & Classes, Power word kill 5e has one More Classes and Less Components, and Common Parameter Between Both is Range, Both has Same Range around 60 feet.

HeadingFinger of Death 5ePower word kill 5e
Attack / SaveCON Type SaveNA
Casting Time1 Bonus ActionOnly 1 Action
ClassesWarlock, Wizard, Sorcerer Warlock, Wizard, Bard, Sorcerer
ComponentsV & SOnly V
Damage / EffectNecroticTotal Control
DurationAll InstantaneousAll Instantaneous
Level7th LevelNA
Range/Area60 feetv

Classes Analysis Between Finger of Death Vs Power word kill

Components Analyses Between Finger of Death Vs Power word kill

Final Words

Here We have Tried To Discuss All Parameter About This Finger of Death 5e Spell, i think This Enough For You, if You Still want Any Other Details About This Please Comment Below.

if You Also Want Comparison Between other 5e spell with this 5e then also Comment for this we can also add Comparison between other spell like blight 5e, Thorn Whip 5e, cloudkill 5e, fireball 5e, chain lightning 5e.

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