Scimitar 5e Full Introduction About This DnD 5e 5th Edition Spell

Checkout This Amazing Information Specially Created For You, Which Indicate You Full Information About Scimitar 5e Which are Unique all Over The Fantasy Worlds.

Here We have Fully Tried To Give Information Regarding This Spells Like It’s Casting Time, Duration, Range, Damage Type Levels Etc.

Before We Go For The Any Other Details just Check Below Table Which Show You Most important Facts About This Spell.

Cost25 Gp
Maximise Cost100 Gp
Attack TypeSlashing Attack
Casting Time1 Action Taken
ComponentsV, S, M
Damage TypeSlashing
Damage Level1d6
Item TypeMelee Weapon
LevelStart From 1st
Save TypeNA
Weapon EffectSlashing Effect
Properties DetailsFinesse, Light
Weight3 LBS

We have Given Full Basic Information About This Spell Now You Can Check Below Great Compiled Data Which Show Amazing Tips & Tricks About This Spell it’s Something Like Main Parameters & other Lot’s Information Which are Most Famous For me.

Proficiency is The Key Factor of Any Spell Which a scimitar allows you to add your proficiency bonus Level Power to the attack Against Your Target as You Want.

Now Let’s Compare This Spell With Other Great Spell Where We Can Able To Compare, We Will Try To Compare Main Features Like it’s Casting Time, Range, Components Etc.

Scimitar 5e vs Rapier 5e

Now Let’s Compare This Spell With Other powerful Spell Which is Rapier Here we have Given Amazing Information Which we Can Compare Each & Every Spell This Time To get Powerful Information.

Check Below Comparison of Components With Each Other.

Scimitar 5e vs Rapier 5e
Scimitar 5eRapier 5e

Check Below Great Comparison Images Which Blow Your Mind and Give Amazing Experience To Compare Both Spell With Each Other.

Scimitar 5e Vs Shortsword 5e

Now We have To Compare This Both Spell Called Scimitar & Shortword Which are my Favorite Spell According To Me.

We have Also Compared This Both Spell With it’s Weight, Damage Level, Cost Etc You Can Check Below Table For More Information.

Scimitar 5e Vs Shortsword 5e
Damage TypePiercingslashing
Cost25 GP10 GP
Weight2 LBS3 LBS

You have To Check This Spell Also.

Scimitar 5e Vs Double-bladed scimitar

Now We have To Understand major Difference & Update About This Both 5e Spell One is Scimitar & Another One is Scimitar But With Dubhe Bladed.

Let’s Understand Main Difference Via table Format Then We will Got Other Data as below.

Scimitar 5e Vs Double-bladed scimitar
 Double-Bladed scimitarScimitar
Damage Typeslashingslashing
Cost100 GP10 GP
Weight6 LBS3 LBS

Final Words

Finally Thanks To Visit Our Article Scimitar 5e Which are Specially My Favorite Spell Because it’s Always Support me To Win Each Levels.

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