Witch Names and Meanings Which is Famous Funny Scary and Unique

The word Witch was derived from the old English verb-noun it knows as Wicca it totally in old English pronoun. All the witch names were the word of the witchcraft many of witchcraft executed during the witch hunts organization in the particular years of 15th to 18th century.

All the peoples of Europe were prosecuted for the witchcraft in the year between 1570 to 1640 more than 1445 witchcrafts related to the European center of maleficium, was the concept of using supernatural power to harmful to other peoples.

There are too many cases came out from the European association for the use of ritual magic to damage human beings until the 15the century and also the good association of the European witchcraft peoples with Devil.

After many centuries ended a number of treatises were published to help the stereotype witch peoples which belong to particularly with the Satan connection. In the 16the century, witchcraft established and declined to help the witchcraft peoples in too many areas of Europe.

But after some years passed witchcrafts were increased in too many numbers. all the witchcrafts suppressed in different countries such as modern Europe included in basque which was life in Spain, Germany and in the North parts of Scotland and also live in Sweden.

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Witch Names with Meaning

The world is full of meaning words but when words fall shorts to come to thank the God who has created these special words. all over the world has stopped approving the witchery and warlock because this thing consider full of magic power and wonderful things.

Witch Names with Meaning

All this credit going to hit tv series vampire diary and warlocks who are rather in the forefront because this tv series has opened a whole new world with the enchanting baby names, You can Check This Demon names.

In the below paragraph we are given all the names which too much suitable for all the babies among them all the names were given with their meaning so you can easily find good names and their pronoun also.

  • Alison

the Alison names come from the Pendle witches it means a group of women which was hanged in the year of 1630. Alison was along with her grandmother and with her mother Elizabeth but after some, the time he was arrested in the charge of witchcraft hanged. All the surrounding peoples hung them beasue they hanged the witchcraft. the meaning of Alison was the son of the “Alice”  

  • Angela

Angela was the first notorious witches in Europe in the 13th century. All the peoples burn him for committing bad deeds beasue she was given the birth to the snake’s wolf demon which was not supposedly the child of the area. But in the real angela was the most mental woman among all the surrounding women because she always siding of crime. The meaning of angela was “Angle”.

  • Bassey

Bessey was from Scotland country and the psychic and the witch. Bassey has not had the power to cure sick peoples such as children and also not have the power to help sick animals. but he was the first women so all the witch stands behind with him.the meaning of the names was “Creation of the God”.

  • Cassandra

Cassandra’s word comes from Greek mythology with the tragic and ironic. Cassandra was the elder daughter of troy king Priam.she was the eyes of the god so she can do anything that she wants to do.she was displeased when someone has not accepted to romance with him and she becomes too much angry on that person.the meaning of the Cassandra “Evil of God”.

  • Evanora  

Evanora’s name comes from the greek Latina, the meaning of the word was a gift of god it was the queen names of the Latina greek and the ruler of the greek country latina.peoples of the Ivanova names was the christianly religious peoples. the worshipper of the god who believes they are only one god.

  • Glinda

Glinda was the baby girl’s name come from the Greek words. Glinda’s name was the ruler of the European countries between 1420 centuries. peoples who have Glinda names was the idealistic and imaginative peoples among themself. they believe that he can do anything that he wants to do by itself.

  • Joan

Joan was the English baby names come from the Greek words.the meaning of the Joan was the “God worshipper”.in the feminine the name Joan was the famous beer company name it was the legendary pope, Joan and also the famous actor name Joan arc.

  • Locate

The locate was the names of the noble french surnames and also the local origin surnames of the french which has been derived from the geographic where the beer once resided. the locate names come from the french word it was “cote” which was the geographic sense which also means by the coast. the highest french coast in the whole world. the meaning of the word was “coast”

  • Maleficent

Maleficent was the character of the fiction that appears from the Walt Disney production in her 16th animation features film parts. the parts animation names were sleeping beauty.she was the evil fairy and also the Mistress of the evil fairy who was not invited to christening cures. the meaning of the word was”Mistress of the evil”

  • Christian

Christian names were the day for the Christian peoples to worshipped to the god Christian day celebrate in Salem and was the most successful day of this generation. He owns several stories that were related to witchcraft.

Wiccan Witch Names

if you are looking for the perfect Wiccan witch names than check out all the names in the below tables among them you can easily find good names which was too much suitable for the babies.

All the names in the below tables have the perfect meaning if you search on the internet you will find the perfect meaning of those names.

Wiccan Witch Names

Wiccan witch names were the Christian names which have usually saints and honored. But all the Wiccan names belong to nature with the god of antiquity.

All the Wiccan witch names are drawn from the ancient stories which have charged with the metric powers. all the names not charged with metric power but among them, some are specially charged with the metric power.

Many Wicca names were the unisex names and many Wicca names were adopted to any gender. All the creating compounds’ names are one way that belongs to the homepage to a sacred object.

Adelinda   Aslinda   Aliena  
Aislinn   Awerilla   Asxillopa  
Bran   Brweso   Brubha  
Brigid   Bantis   Buhrid  
Calypso    Cassandra   Curiolas  
Chimera    Chuboas   Corvus  
Delphine    Delvina   Delkina  
Diana   Draco   Disona  
Eartha    Eartyola   Eruloas  
Eris    Erisola   Evcola  
Fabula    Frubuiaa   Fibaras  
Feminia   Furedtad   Firsuos  
Gaia    Gaila   Grukina  
Gilknara   Gydraa   Ghancya  
Hazel    Hazerol   Hizulas  
Himmata   Hikima   Hurhur  
Isis    Iuslas   Insta  
Iusta   Inimin   Iksta  
Jinx    Jinnat   Jhuyra  
Jabrul   Jikima   Jemrina  
Kuasas   Khias   Kunima  
Kenrida   Kuhdta   Kinopa  
Lopona   Lemronas   Linmas  
Liniopa   Lukhau   Lukhidya  
Miudta   Minxra   Minitra  
Memorza   Minifima   Mudoau  
Nrwas   Nitina   Nadruos  
Nmais   Nafera   Niyasis  
Oberon    Onouya   Okhula  
Ondina   Otiusa   Obhilpa  
Pagan    Petra   Peter  
Punisha   Pinika   Pitli  
Raven   Rohmen   Rosem  
Rinua   Ribhika   Ruhina  
Sabrina    Sikhina   Sukloa  
Sukhina   Sweden   Simlasy  
Tanith    Tara   Thrukan  
Tutina   Thikyula   Tydera  
Umbra   Uknaga   Ubila  
Utydra   Unitra   Umitsa  
Vera   Vintra   Vibras  
Vtdra   Vernon   Vibrona  
Windra   Wkikda   Winsdom  
Wikija   Wasuna   Wisopa  
Xicta   Xidta   Xiniya  
Xusra   Xanfta   Xiopas  
Yudiaos   Yansra   Yibiya  
Ytra   Yulloa   Yinibra  
Zinxca   Zhansa   Zixila  
Zioopa   Zasyau   Zulian  

Celtic Witch Names

The Celtic names are also known as various sources of Celtic mythology in ancient time’s places of god worshipped and all the statues with the religious of the personal names.

All the sources of variety belong to the god worshipped where all the peoples set the place for the worshipper of the god.

Celtic Witch Names

All the Celtic are also known as Celtic deities which also belong to two categories of worshipped such as general Celtic deities and the second one was local Celtic deities. These two Celtic deities created different parts such as General deities were known as celts with a large number of religious parts.

The second local deities are known as Celtic nature god worshipped were all the religious belong to particular features of the landscape with the luck and honor such as mountain .river, water, air, sunlight and all the things where come directly from the god.

Abarta Abcana     Asdilo  
Abhean   Ashena   Aengusla  
Balor   Balkon   Biniya  
Breada   Besrsa   Bisina  
Cian   Culrina   Cinika  
Cianha   Conada   Cafrola  
Donna   Dokana   Didhak  
Dulkin   Drewun   Dilsona  
Ebyula   Erinah   Esuila  
Ewsua   Ensra   Ewiloa  
Fuha   Fikija   Freuna  
Finya   Fresa   Fibina  
Guyas   Ghta   Ginja  
Graf   Greas   Ghinya  
Huyas   Hncy   Hsrw  
Hncya   Hytas   Hncuas  
Imcya   Iutas   Inijja  
Ikay   Iustas   Imcopa  
Jnsya   Jinsya   Jhstas  
Jaffra   Jmcua   Jiswa  
Khuas   Kikina   Kmahsa  
Kncya   Kinjha   Khalida  
Leronas   Lmaus   Lmsias  
Lerta   Ludina   Lodara  
Minua   Manys   Musta  
Majtra   Mubina   Munkina  
Nista   Nakoap   Nswaa  
Nwern   Niksik   Nadons  
Oukka   Obuina   Obuya  
Otsas   Owasta   Omncya  
Piya   Pnmas   Panjuas  
Pikina   Poraa   Pamcva  
Qashy   Qusio   Qaxu  
Qhgas   Qukka   Qutas  
Reysu   Refuas   Ryhas  
Rufha   Rikina   Rwias  
Suncha   Sundle   Swasisa  
Saxika   Saqwua   Skhila  
Tubina   Timble   Turkina  
Tikina   Treaas   Tyoppa  
Uysta   Umcia   Umopa  
Uwsia   Uncya   Uwsopa  
Vigha   Vivida   Vugona  
Vhbysa   Vibhga   Vidta  
Windra   Wsadi   Wospa  
Windra   Wsmi   Wsdya  
Xcis   Xaesw   Xadras  
Yuola   Yellp   Yusoa  
Ztsra   Zbxta   Zibblo  
Zindla   Zinmol   Zumbnol  

Scary Witch Names

there are only some scary witch names among all the scary names this names was the best names and also have the good meaning of all the names.

we are given some names with their meaning full information so you can easily find good names among them for what purpose you like to give the names.

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Scary Witch Names

These Dragon names are also Very Scary Specially For You.

  • Morai

Morai was the scary witch names the Graeae was on the other hand, in which there morai sister kin in the Dragons. All three sister was not in the friendliest bunch and also not share their eyes which they passed between themself. all three sisters were morai separated trios of the witches. the meaning of the names was “shared eyes”

  • Kikimora

Kikimore was among the names which was to much fun to a pronoun the meaning of the word known as household spirit it to be respected. the kikimora was the names of the female who was the wife of the domovoi.

  • Circe

Circe was the famous character in the movies of Homers Odyssey. Circe was the bitch who lived on the Neaera island area. she has a particular hobby and passion of sailors into lions and all the animals after drugging them into drugs.

  • Chedipe

A chedipe was the names of the witches vampire she looks too much pretty at midnight. the chip is a woman who has died during their own childbirth who was also the Indian equivalent of the succubus.

  • Weird Sisters

Weird sister was among Shakespeare’s with the brilliant character galore and full story rife of magic life and with full of fear. But in the first character of the story who set everything in the motions who was known as weird sisters.

Funny Witch Names

All the funny witch names do not similar to any other witch names. This funny name was too different from all the names because this name’s character was the special character names who do not belong to any centuries of peoples.

Funny Witch Names

Funny witches names peoples always do the funny thing to make all the other peoples smile and they do not fight & not the ruler of any country.they just came in the world to make some happy & not came to make someone sad & not fight with any person to feel bad to them.

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In the below paragraph they are some funny witch names who have from some special ruler personal person. All the names belong to some special character with full meaning names among them some names do not have any specific meaning and some names have too much specific meaning.

Moldy Itchy   Miniula  
SnootyZinxa   Hibaba  
BreastlyZiloka   Hyudra  
CuridaZiminga   Quias  
CulkonaZikiha   Wuaszx  
DrefyaZuloka   Sasua  
Wuilaa   Injka   Silikona  
LailaInkjau   Scruffy  

Female Witch Names

In the Traditions forms of the female witches, names crafts of the Gardnerian and Alexandrian name are typically adopted out of the primary their symbolism. All the female crafts names many be carefully guarded and used in the members of the own covens.some of the female witch names will use in two different crafts names. On of the names of the craft used for the general public and second of the names of the craft used for the coven mates service.

Female Witch Names

Female witch names are choose to conceal the religious to avoid the discrimination for the crafts names with the speaking to the press subject.

All the uses of the names of the craft as online which was the handle of the Neopaganism & which was also the handle of the Wiccan related groups and the discussion of these two groups have become common.

In the below paragraph we are given some of the important witch female names with their names meaning and all the female witch names have the most important meaning in the early centuries so you can easily find good meaning of the female names in the below paragraphs.

Do you Know Powerful People Come From Powerful Places.

  • Alwina

Alwina was the names of the Spike and Suzy which came from the British title and it was another name of the Willy and Wanda which come from the American title.

Alwina’s names were the series of the Bob et Bobette created by the author of the famous comic Willy Vandersteen.it was published in 1945and also become the most popular.

  • Broom-Hilda    

Broom-Hilda was the American daily newspaper and also was the comic strips which were created by the famous writer and cartoonist Russel Myers. The Broom-Hilda was distributed by the tribute content writing agency.it depends on the man-crazy adventures and also depends on the cigar, smoking, beer which was the 1500 years old witch.

  • Circe

Circe was the fictional character which was totally appearing in the DC comic publication of the related media which was totally based on the Mythology of the Greek figure of the same female witch names who was imprisoned in the Homers of the Odyssey.She was the wicked sorceress and recurring foe of the wonder woman.

  • Della 

Della was the another name of the Sabrina the Witch and it was the comic book series which was published by the famous writer and comedian archie comic .The book was about the adventures of the fictional american teenager named as Sabrina spellman.Sabrina spellman was created by the famous writer famous writer George Gladir and the famous artist Dan Decarlo.

  • Eucalypta

Eucalypta was the another name of the woodgnome which was the dutch newspapers of the comic strips,which was run between 1946 and end in the year of 1984.its was the popularity inspired series of the children novels and also the radio series of the puppet television.it was created by the famous writer jan van oort who has focus to make this series as popular among in all the novels series which was depends on the children novels.

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